About Order

1. Payment

Paypal & Shopify Payment

We accept PayPal check out and Shopify Payment (credit card) who residency in foreign country without Japan.
You must be covering 4% of the PayPal fee, that you can see in checkout page in VAT section.
Without payment within a week, order will be cancelled.

(For Japanese residents only)

Bank Transafer

・Please check the transfer account in the order confirmation email
・Transfer fee will be paid by customer
・Please complete the transfer within one week from your order.If you have to delay payment, please contact us in advance.

Cash on deliverly

・You can pay by cash and credit card at the time of delivery.
・A cash-on-delivery commission of 300 yen will be required. Please pay the delivery person the sum of the product price and shipping cost plus the cash-on-delivery fee.

Reserve and pick-up(Store placement)

・The deadline for store placement is one week from the order date.(One week from release date for pre-order)
2. Shipping
(For overseas)
Registered Regular Airmail

The cost have registered (Tracking System & Small Insurance) and small insured. it takes 5 or 10 days. I can send full invoice after the order.

Area 1 : Oceania, North America, The Middle or Near East, Europe

1LP - 1370 yen
2LP to 7LP - 1640 yen to 3170 yen 

Area 2 : Asia

1LP - 1160 yen
2LP to 7LP – 1370 yen to 2560 yen 

Area 3 : South America, Africa, Rest of World

1LP - 1660 yen 
2LP to 7LP - 2140 yen to 4060 yen 


Area 1 : Oceania, North America, The Middle or Near East, Europe

785 yen for 1 EP(7inch) 

Area 2 : Asia

680 yen for 1 EP(7inch) 

Area 3 : South America, Africa, Rest of World

785 yen for 1 EP(7inch) 

Regular Airmail shipping cost will be change from the total weight. The record weight is slightly different each record, so this list price are not exact price. Both shipping method only accept order MAX 2kg, it is about 6 or 7LPs for 1 box.
Also we could not ship some country, it is unavailable service by the Japan post.

Express Mail (EMS)

The cost has registered (Tracking) and insured. it takes 3 or 5 business days.
Very fast ship time to arrive and most safely.

【All format】
Area 1 : Oceania, North America, The Middle or Near East

1LP - 2000 yen
2LP ~ 6LP - 2540 yen ~ 4500 yen 
7LP ~ max 30kg for weight - 5200 yen ~ 36500 yen

Area 2 : Europe

1LP - 2200 yen
2LP ~ 6LP - 2800 yen ~ 5000 yen 
7LP ~ max 30kg for weight - 5800 yen ~ 42600 yen

Area 3 : Asia
1LP - 1400 yen
2LP ~ 6LP - 1820 yen ~ 3300 yen 
7LP ~ max 30kg for weight - 3800 yen ~ 26500 yen

Area 3 : South America
1LP - 2400 yen
2LP ~ 6LP - 3420 yen ~ 7300 yen 
7LP ~ max 30kg for weight - 8800 yen ~ 69700 yen

EMS Tracking and Tracing Service is not available in some areas of the world.
Please contact the postal administration in your country for more details.
The shipping cost for purchasing 7inch and multiple CDs is lower than purchasing multiple LPs.

(Japan only)
Sagawa Express

・Domestic postage 650yen
・Hokkaido/Okinawa 980yen
・For 1CD 267yen

From order to shipment

1. After your order, you will receive an order confirmation email.
2. We will ship your item within 3 business days from your order.
3. If your order is sold out, we will automatically cancel / refund you.

※Products sold in the online shop are also sold in stores.
Please note that it may be sold out depending on the timing of your order.

Specify delivery date(Japanese residents only)

When ordering, enter the desired date and time zone in the memo field.
The specified arrival date is available at least 5 days after the order date.

For pre-order, the delivery date and time can be specified from the release date.
For bank transfer, shipping will be after transfer confirmation.
※Date cannot be specified when ordering one CD

You can choose the time zone from the following.
8 am ~ 12 am(In the morning)
12 am ~ 2 pm
2 pm ~ 4 pm
4 pm ~ 6 pm
6 pm ~ 8 pm
6 pm ~ 9 pm
7 pm ~ 9 pm