V.A. - Elephant Roots Tribute 2221 (CD-R)

V.A. - Elephant Roots Tribute 2221 (CD-R)

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2001年、虹釜太郎主宰の〈不知火〉からリリースされた『Kibaman Presents ELEPHANT ROOTS』。氷河期の古代象をイメージし制作され、CDRでごく一部での流通ながら強烈な印象を与えたこのDUBアルバムが、20年の時を超え原曲「Tunnel」+故WOODMANの残した2曲を復刻+さらに新鋭によるトリビュート・トラックを加えて蘇る!

"Kibaman Presents ELEPHANT ROOTS" was released from the label which is organized by Taro Nijikama in 2001. This DUB album, which was created with the image of the ancient elephants in the ice age and gave a strong impression while being distributed only in a small part in CDR, will be revived beyond the 20 years by the original track "Tunnel" + 2 songs left by WOODMAN + a newly added tribute track!
(New Masterpiece)

1. Kibaman / Tunnel (Original Track)
2. Molder / KEM (※CDR exclusive!!!)
3. Sekiguchi Satoru / Cquid.K.Bo's Crystal
4. Dr.Taipei aka WOODMAN / Mammmoth
5. Molder / Columbia MMM
6. TOXOBAM / Who Are You?
7. ヘントナー大佐 / Mole Tunnel
8. takuya / Timetunnel
9. buffalomckee / the elephant-house dedication ceremonies
10. Molder / Morning Hair Long
11. Shinkibaman aka WOODMAN / Ivory Coast Dub

This Album is Tribute to "Kibaman Presents ELEPHANT ROOTS"
from Label Shi-Ra-Nui, 2001.
Original Album Produced (Track 1,4,11) by Nijikama Taro
Re-Produced, Compile & Jacket Artwork by hitachtronics (nmp/JAPONICA)