banana - mind sketches (CASSETTE TAPE)
banana - mind sketches (CASSETTE TAPE)
banana - mind sketches (CASSETTE TAPE)

banana - mind sketches (CASSETTE TAPE)

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Release Date

Cassette Tape

Product Number
conatala tapes 002

Side A
1. 帰宅
2. dance 1
3. i bought a picture
4. seaside genocide
5. shotgun teacher
6. too many insects
7. with a broken time machine
8. tranceparent walker

Side B
1. rainbow dance
2. rainy days of desert
3. springs 3
4. 川崎
5. 緑
6. 水槽
7. ikumouzai
8. children

Banana has made a name for himself as a resident DJ at the listening party “ideala” held at Forestlimit in Hatagaya, Tokyo, and has expanded his activities beyond this to VJs and video installation solo exhibitions at tata bookshop/gallery in Koenji. Alongside these activities, he was making music given only to his close friends and publishing occsionally on Soundcloud. This is a 16 track compilation album from that collection.

Playing with the sense of time, utilising the synthesizer completely played by hand and the bare rhythm machine, Banana’s sound is totally unique - together with the mutant sound library created influenced by the various records and cassettes that banana collects. A one-off obscure track collection with textures reminiscent of the home recording scene in the 80's, but with a pulse that has been shaped through electronic music’s journey through various strands of techno music.

The artwork is by banana himself. Designed by Mitsudate Ko. Mastered by Masato Hara.

・Special CD-R for direct purchase from pianola records
・The album cover is reversible.
・The digital release will be available on Bandcamp